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Keith Le Boutillier

Good morning all




They are UK based and have a full range of full spec connectors. I have always found them very helpful, just a happy customer


73 Keith GU6EFB


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Dear Ben,


This is now a bit of a challenge.


Tyco moved their production to China and the designs are different from the ex-Greenpar ones.


There are many distributors of N connectors who are selling parts with poor design/poor tolerances- I have measured these and they show worse return loss than what used to be available.


Huber and Suhner are good, also Telegartner as a lower cost option, if they meet your spec.


Radiall have moved the production of a lot of their N connectors to China. I have measured some samples of these and they are within spec.


Cinch have introduced some low spec. ranges, check spec. carefully.


Likewise Amphenol.


So, I think you now have to check spec. very carefully, and do n’t be surprised if a connector that meets the MIL spec. to 12 GHz or 18 GHz is quite pricey.


So far as I know, there is no longer any manufacture of N connectors in the UK.




Alwyn G8DOH





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