Re: LA2T9Q ''6GHz' amplifier spec?

geoffrey pike

Almost certainly it will be not very good at 10 GHz but how many mWs are you thinking of needing at 10 GHz?
Have you looked at the Franco SU-02 board

On Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 07:52:27 BST, Gareth G4XAT via <g4xat@...> wrote:

This device is inside some cheap ALiExpress amp boards (under a tin can screen LA2T9Q). Unable to find any spec on it but wondering if it has ANY gain left at 10GHz. Very hopeful I know, but trying to raise a mW for the weekend from a Pluto 5th harmonic.
They certainly work to some degree on 5.7GHz where I got improved signals by using one in the RX chain, but other than looking at the received signal via a LNB and SDR I have no means at present of measuring any 'gain'.
The boards are typical eBay 'DC to Daylight' SMA in/out with 5vdc in, so it may be possible to swap in something of known capability at 10GHz.
Suggestions very welcome.


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