LA2T9Q ''6GHz' amplifier spec?

Gareth G4XAT

This device is inside some cheap ALiExpress amp boards (under a tin can screen LA2T9Q). Unable to find any spec on it but wondering if it has ANY gain left at 10GHz. Very hopeful I know, but trying to raise a mW for the weekend from a Pluto 5th harmonic.
They certainly work to some degree on 5.7GHz where I got improved signals by using one in the RX chain, but other than looking at the received signal via a LNB and SDR I have no means at present of measuring any 'gain'.
The boards are typical eBay 'DC to Daylight' SMA in/out with 5vdc in, so it may be possible to swap in something of known capability at 10GHz.
Suggestions very welcome.


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