Re: 9cms PA

DF6NA Rainer

Hi Ed,

I have 2 new Toshiba UM2683A PA's (50W), a Stealth Microwave SM3436-43 (20W) and a DL2AM 130W amp for sale.
The DL2AM amp needs more drive than you have but the others need less than a mW for full output.

If you are interested make an offer !

vy 73, Rainer

Am 06.06.2021 um 18:49 schrieb Ed G3VPF:

I have the SG-Labs transverter for 9cms but would like to add a PA to up the power about 20dB. Searching the internet does not give any sources of a suitable unit. Kuhne appear to have abandoned the band and could find no-one currently offering the Ionica units.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a suitable power amplifier that is readily available and doesn't weigh a ton (I need it for/P work).


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