Re: Dubus..arrggghh


Really Ben? Just what is the matter with you!?

Any fool can make EME QSOs with a big dish, the challenge with EME for anyone with half an interest in pushing technology is making QSOs with what you can build and fit in your garden and get past your neighbours.
My experience is that there are some REALLY badly set up big dishes out there, especially on 10GHz but if you REALLY work on the Engineering, an optimised small dish station will outperform bigger dishes run by those who just chuck a feed in to a big dish and don't even try to optimise it. There are plenty of those in the EME community. They do this quite innocently because they just find they can make QSOs without bothering to optimise. With a big dish, you have to do the mechanical Engineering really well but some don't bother with the radio part.

That said there are some extremely well set up big dishes as well, and you know when they're on!
Peter G3LTF (see my June GHz column) is a case in point.
If all you want is a lot of QSOs with little effort or to make more QSOs than everyone else take up HF contesting, not EME, unless you have a VERY big garden, no neighbours and shedloads of money.

Me, I prefer a few quality QSOs not just ANY QSOs



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