Re: Dubus..arrggghh

Andy G4JNT

It's just this minute arrived.   Oh yes, see what you mean.

Mind you...   it is probably perfectly genuine, but the picture does have a certain 'Photoshop feel' about it.   There's something 'odd' about the lighting.

On Wed, 2 Jun 2021 at 13:20, militaryoperator via <> wrote:
Well!. Already feeling disillusioned and frustrated this months Dubus cover takes the Michael.

I can see no point in me messing with my paltry 60cm or even my pathetic 1.4Mtr looking at the cover. 
I might as well give up now. 

Does anyone want to buy some radio bits? might even repurpose them as birdbaths, hi. 

Ben (down in the dumps after mixer and 3 ADF boards u/s)

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