Re: 13cm surprise


Thanks for the reply Ken. If anyone has a couple of suitable relays or knows of a source please let me know.

73 Simon

On Sat, 29 May 2021, 08:34 Ken G3YKI, <kenneth@...> wrote:
Hi Simon,
In the absence of any other responses, I will answer your question.
Yes, you need a relay to switch the antenna from Rx to Tx. At 2.3GHz it has to be a real coaxial relay designed for the job.
Most people use SMA relays made by Transco, Dow-key, Sage, RLC, Narda etc. All are similar in design and are compact and effective. Though these companies may have merged or changed names over the years, they are still available on the surplus market. Even if many years old they are stillĀ  a good bet. I think it is fair to say that very few of us would be looking to buy these new, as the price would probably be horrendous. You could ask here and someone may offer you one at a better price than is sometimes asked on ebay!

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