Re: Mouser BOM for DF9IC 1296 amplifier

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Nick, mine came mostly from Digikey, but they have removed the BOM from my account as it is from way back. Some of these were from Mouser.

I used smaller high-Q trimmers and a padding cap, so one of these could be the padders. I find the gate tuning a bit sharp with the specified trimmers.

Caps I have in my parts box are:





Not sure if there are others, don't have time to check in detail sorry, coffee break time at the day job.  Hope that gives you some pointers.

I've got an endless pile of machining jobs over the weekend, some 122 GHz bits to finish, a batch of cooling plates, DF9IC and W6PQL spreaders and a load of transverter kits to pack as well as the remaining Wavelab 23GHz connection/PSU boards. One of the DF9IC spreaders has your name on it. I have an email backlog as long as a long thing, but I'm less than a year behind now.

Neil G4DBN

On 28/05/2021 14:55, Nick Gregory G0HIK via wrote:
I now have the PCB and transistors for the DF9IC amplifier.

I was looking on Mouser and see they list six types of ATC600S capacitors, not understanding what all the different types are, I wonder if anyone has a Mouser Bill of Materials for this amplifier.


Nick G0HIK 

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