Re: 6cm PA

Neil Smith G4DBN

My order for CGHV59070F GaN HEMTs from Digikey is under review, not sure if it is going to be permitted under EAR.  Mouser refuse to sell them to me at all, but the 15W (CGH55015F2) and 30 W (CGH55030F2) HEMTs are available from DK for around £60 and £100 respectively.  That is about the same price as potentially dodgy and second-hand gasfets from Chinese surplus dealers. Might be worth a look at getting some boards made.

For my 12W PA, I used a gasfet and a hacked-up DB6NT board. These devices are unmatched, so need a bit more design effort than the MMICs.

No time to mess with 6cm PAs anyway, still catching up with orders. I am knee-deep in 3cm transverter kits and bits for 2.4 GHz and 3.4 GHz 25 W PAs and still have some Wavelab accessory boards to ship. Real Life is intruding badly into radio at the moment.  Still, I'm on page 25 of the build documentation for the transverters.  Nearly there!

Neil G4DBN

On 26/05/2021 12:32, Chris G0WUS wrote:
Hi all, Just after some ideas for 6cm PA greater than 10W would be nice but need lightness and compactness to mast mount. Several years back there were a plenty full supply of USA ex C band kit but does not seem like much about at present. Any ideas welcomed (well sensible ones HI)

Cheers Chris G0WUS

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