Re: 6cm PA


Hi Chris  ... I'm working on this!   
20-years ago I liberated a small quantity of C-band SSPA's, circa 10W.  Some went into Eu and a few to G-ops.
At the time I wasn't interested in getting active on 6cm. I am now so will be finding out soon if anything can be 'liberated'.

I do have 3 x monstrously heavy C-band shelf units in an outbuilding here. 
Solid-state with a good 100W output, essentially 2 x 50W pa's (on one board) with waveguide combining.
Built in PSU 12V @ 175 Amps!  Two-man lift. 

Co-incidentally, two weeks ago I was given 2 x 1M dishes with integral feed, 5.1 - 5.8GHz, 34dBi.
Bit heavy, but going to see if I can put one on my RAV4-portable thing as well as 13cm+Yagi and 3cm+Dish.

Who Dares Wins as they say here!
73, David G4ASR   

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