poor night


Well, that was a poor night. Getting a lot of noise on 9 when pointing East, my best direction of course!

Still surprised how easily some give up.  Arrange on KST,  go to freq, point beam roughly (no computer control here) in right dir, and call. Then get KST message, "can't hear you, thanks, 73"  without even trying to send back so one can nudge the beam. 

Even my paltry 40 ele is sharp enough to be off by a couple of degrees. I can usually hear folk when first pointed and can then peak (by hand) to get a better signal. As I'm right next to pole I can very quickly swing it to and fro to get a peak but some can't even wait long enough to try it. Strange. 

Anyway, thanks to those who did persist and the few we missed.

Sunday on 10 then, weather permitting (open window situation here).

cheers, Ben G4BXD

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