Free to a good home

John Worsnop

Save it from the skip.

I've not managed to get anyone to make a charity donation for the VNA and take it away so it's now free to anyone to collect.
Strictly for collection, Cambridge area QTHR don't ask me to ship.

Also Its for people who will use it, not resell it on EBay 

As follows

Boat anchor 1.3GHz Network Analyser kit - in working order  pdf manuals available online just Google

Consisting of:
HP8754A Vector Network Analyser
HP8750 Storage Normaliser
HP8502 Transmission/Reflection test set

Ionica 15W 9cm PA
Ionica 9cm downconverter

Paulix PX-901 C band LNB for Prime focus dish

Bag full of Tonna 23cm Yagi elements complete with plastic boom mounts as used on 55 and 23 ele Yagis

2 x Lucent P2PAM 2.2GHz QRO cellular PAs unmodified (no details but lovely S band pallets inside.
(If you don't know what these are you don't need them)

email me off reflector to arrange collection


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