Re: HF Antennas ATAS- 120

Alan Melia

Think of it another way Julian, I have done a number of these. It is more difficult when you are close to the individual, but think how much fun they had with this stuff out of Amateur radio. We all collect large (im my case vast :-)) ) piles of gear during many decades in the hobby. I certainly benefitted from gifts in my early years as a cash strapped student. The unsaleable stuff like books can often find a collector and the call, often written on the inside cover, will live on in someone's bookcase. Components unless they are large coils or wide staced variable caps have very little value and the work necessary is barely worth the effort. Allow punters on a club rally stant to rake through and take what they want. It is tempting to worry about another trader buyer taking it to sell. It doesnt matter it will go back into the hobby and they will make a small amount for the efforts. The most disappointing bit is finally having to commit the remnants to the local skip.
Keep up the good work.

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Many thanks to those who responded.

They have confirmed what I suspected. I have no way of testing the device, so it will be put up for sale sold as seen. (however I suspect it had little use and is good working order).

Sadly being the Quarter Master to a couple of Societies means having to sort out the lifetime collections of late club members. Not a pleasant duty!



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