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ian hope (2E0IJH)

No you need something like a Ft847 or Ft857 to drive it, quite a nice antenna but is specific to yaesu rigs

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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Mobile antennas

I know it is really heresy to mention HF on this microwave group, but with the range of experiance on this group someone may have the answer I require.

I have the sad task of clearing a SK shack and workshop. (The chap was an active builder, so I have a hidden cornicopia to sort through. I have also dropped four of seven masts in his garden, which was rather exciting!)

I am pleased to say that the widow has agreed that I can donate some old radios and other bits to new amateurs which makes my task easier.

Amongst the goodies was a new Power Gain ATAS-120 -Vertex and on looking it up seems to be a motor driven mobile antenna that goes from HF to 432MHz. However it seems that it is specific to Yaseau radios and needs the Vertex system to drive it.

The radios have long gone as all the handbooks. Does anybody out there know if this antenna can be driven from an independent power source? I would like to use it for /p operation, if not it will be sold off with other mobile whips.

Many thanks.



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