Re: uwb antenna question

Dave (G1OGY)

Hello Rien
While Kent was reticent about his skills. I don't have to be. Kent has designed a range of log periodic and single band  PCB antennas. They are available from G4DDK, in the UK.

On Tue, 25 May 2021, 09:21 Rien Eradus PA0JME, <pa0jme1952@...> wrote:
Hi Ken, you might be right.
If one imagines some form of delay or phasingline, there are discrepancies.
The circumference of the outer loop should be a wavelength lambda, i.e. lambda = 2 x pi x R, and the opposite end should be fed by an 180 deg shift.
But it actually is 2 x R  (in which R= circle radius).  Using this ratio delay is 360deg/pi = about 115 deg
For the innercircles it is even fuzier.
Also the price is a bit high to my mind

Best regards Rien

Op 24-5-2021 om 21:53 schreef Ken G3YKI:
I suggest that the loops are mainly for decoration rather than function. A solid disc would work as a wideband antenna.

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