Re: Building a simple 10 ghz beacon ?

Denis Stanton G0OLX

I have just tried a RF Zero board using carrier and CW through a ZLPLL board  and it worked a treat, it wouldn’t allow the PI4 tones through but that could be achieved by looking at the loop filter
Bo who supplies them is very good with support and there are lots of different beacon configurations 
Have a look on his Webb site I fed my one in to the ZLPLl module at 10 MHz reference input
The RF Zero board is GPS disciplined so the freq is accurate.
I have also multiplied it up to 24 GHz and the note was good even up there.
Best 73
Denis G0OLX

On 23 May 2021, at 08:38, Steve G4HTZ via <essexsteve@...> wrote:

Hi Keith 
a vhf design board from Ukraine for about $100 …programble with a cw beacon …about 10mw out might be worth a look

Steve G4HTZ 
Great Wakering, Essex 
24ghz 1.8w 80cm dish 

also known to be active occasionally on 70cms DATV 

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