Building a simple 10 ghz beacon ?


I'm located in Perth, Western Australia and my daughter is building a house approx 460 kms north of me at Drummonds Cove, Geraldton WA.
Her house is literally 60 mtrs from the ocean on a sand dune.
This opens up a possible location for a 3cms beacon north of Perth, something we have never had here, although it isn't a sea path all the way, just most of it.
So, given I have heaps of waveguide, a 1 watt amp, and lots of other bits and pieces here I thought, rather than make a beacon based on old designs on the web, does anyone have a suggestion, a kit, some boards etc available to put a very basic beacon together please ?
Antennas are not a problem as I have two 16 element and one 8 element slotted wave guide antennas here spare, horns a plenty, even a few spare 18" dishes, though they may be a bit conspicuous in a new housing area, pointing the opposite way to all the other satellite dishes ;)
So basically, I dont want to reinvent the wheel, just want something simple that she can turn on and off when asked to, no sophisticated modes of operation, just straight forward CW keying ( eeprom or something? ) as there wont be a pc attached, maybe even just a modulated carrier, though that may not be suitable.
The 1 watt amp I have only requires about 50 mW of drive.
I did build a 10 ghz wbfm beacon here in 1990, but I doubt wbfm will carry that far :)
All suggestions welcome please :)
Keith VK6KB

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