Re: 6cm rf?

Dave G8KHU


As an addendum to Mark's analysis we were looking at Skyworks parts for a commercial application requiring +32 dBm CW continuous. We looked at the SKY66293 and SKY66318 which have very similar specs to the 5089 and asked Skyworks for their opinion, part of their response is below:

“ The SKY66293-21 is an older part.  I’d recommend the SKY66318-11 for this frequency range, however, the target output power of our small cell Pas is +27dBm ~ +28dBm with back off of 8dB.

 For all the SKY662xx series, we ran all of our thermal analysis at case temp = 85C or 100C (depending on the part number) at the rated target output power of +27dBm ~ +28dBm.  Since the target application is LTE modulated or 5G NR, we don’t expect the PAs to continually transmit at output powers higher than +27dBm ~ +28dBm with respect to thermals "

So as Mark says the datasheet doesn't tell you the whole story.

Dave G8KHU

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