Re: Dish Mesh information


Thanks to John APIĀ  and ZTR for your advice - It seems I do have a sectional dish available to me which I hope despite the age will give one or two of us on the Island access to EME on the likes of 23/13/3cm in the future. I realize the problems with the weight of the dish if stainless mesh is used, but you must realize that aluminium mesh/perforated metal here on the Island where no-where is more than 7 miles from the sea, that the corrosive capability of salt air here is phenominal. I still need to find the right paint to coat all the dishes we have available - any advice on the right material coating whether its brushed or sprayed I do have the capability and If i dont there are a lot of skill within the community to help. Just hope they dont mind a 12 ft dish on my garage roof or moved onto the back of my trailer to tow to the best places for competitions and eme. Thanks for all your suggestions both on here and direct
We all need to find our way.

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