Re: 6cm rf?

geoffrey pike

Hi Ben,
Have you looked at the FPV booster amps for drones?, i used these on 5.8 GHz Analogue ATV from memory they use
a pair of devices and achieve 4 Chinese watts

On Thursday, 20 May 2021, 11:44:33 BST, militaryoperator via <military1944@...> wrote:

5G-6GHz One-Way Microwave RF Power Amplifier Module 40DB SBB5089+SE5004
( 114749899192 )

SE5004 1W Microwave Power Amplifier RF Power Amplifier 5.15GHz-5.85GHz 30DBm
( 114556927546 )

Did anyone try these? Both use the SE5004 which seems rated to 34dbm max, 

I'm guessing the first unit rated at 2W is 2 Chinese Watts. The second unit might just do it.

Probably get 1W out of first but it has more gain so smaller i/p needed I guess.


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