Re: 6cm rf?



Both seem to use the same output device

The device is  designed for wideband data modes at 400mW. This requires high linearity, hence the typical single tone P1db of 34dBm (min is +30)

Efficiency at 26dBm is not great, probably better in CW mode but you've got to get quite a lot of heat out of a small area.

The data sheet from Skyworks does not give any thermal info and it may be that key down CW at 2W will overheat the junction.

In amateur use the TX duty cycle helps us and   it may be able to run at 2W  out  for typical QSOs, if on a good heat sink.  The 40dB gain module  will need to be bolted to one. We also don't often have high ambient temperature that may push the limits

So, with the usual caveats, if the devices are genuine and full spec and the board has been properly designed (thermally)  2W PEP is not  impossible without damage.

It is interesting that the second one  states 1W for the same device, perhaps being a little more conservative.

None of the vendors are saying how long the device will last at  the P1dB level key down...

Even at 1W these represent reasonable value for money... if they work as advertised.  If they dont, send em back!


On 20/05/2021 11:44, militaryoperator via wrote:
5G-6GHz One-Way Microwave RF Power Amplifier Module 40DB SBB5089+SE5004
( 114749899192 )

SE5004 1W Microwave Power Amplifier RF Power Amplifier 5.15GHz-5.85GHz 30DBm
( 114556927546 )

Did anyone try these? Both use the SE5004 which seems rated to 34dbm max, 

I'm guessing the first unit rated at 2W is 2 Chinese Watts. The second unit might just do it.

Probably get 1W out of first but it has more gain so smaller i/p needed I guess.



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