Re: Norton Amplifiers

Neil Smith G4DBN

Note dreaming after all. Phew. This is the Appnote I vaguely recalled. Looks like it is about the ZRL-700+ (and the other models)

Neil G4DBN

On 19/05/2021 19:23, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:
Could you be referring to the HELA10B dual monolithic amplifier? I have a pair of these on my 2-channel adaptive EME system. They are there to overcome splitter losses and give a bit of extra gain for the IQ+. The path for one channel is HELA10B (11db gain 2.5dB NF on 144) then a Band pass filter, then a 3dB hybrid splitter. One side feeds the IQ+ (used for the adaptive RX) and the other my transverter which is used a linear polarisation (either +/- 45 deg) channel with the K3S. The whole system seems to work very well.

I will try one on 432 but the noise figure is significantly higher on the 4 that I built.

You need a heatsink!

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