Re: Norton Amplifiers


On Wed, 19 May 2021 at 18:46, Chris Bartram G4DGU <chris@...> wrote:
My approach, FWIW, to the design of a second stage of a 'bomb-proof'
receiver at 432 or 1296MHz would be to use a group of more modern MMIC
devices such as the PGA-105 combined together with hybrids. Two groups
of two combined using 0degree hybrids and then combined into a push-pull
amplifier would give very good performance, but beware of mixer damage
if you have strong local signals!!


Chris G4DGU

I think we need an Eimac 4CX10,000A  as a mixer in contests, with a 4CX250B in the front end. This reminds me, I need to send you some data sheets. I had forgotten about that but will do it asap.


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