Re: How does this POTY antenna work??

Colin G4EML

The Kuhne down converter does exactly the same job as a regular LNB. It just has a coax input instead of having an integral antenna. That arrangement simply connects an external antenna to it.

It is not really correct to call that a POTY antenna. The POTY is the name of a specific design, not a generic term.

Colin G4EML

On 19 May 2021, at 10:32, Chris Wilson <> wrote:

19/05/2021 10:19

I am slowly getting into amateur satellite work and runa 1.8 meter prime focus dish with a POTY antenna for 2.4GHz TX and a coaxial LNB for circa 10.5GHz reception. I know the LNB down converts to around 940 MHz using an intermediate frequency.

I heard a very nice signal from a chap who appeared to know a lot about the hardware used, so looked him up on He was using a POTY antenna the like of which I have not seen before. It has a feed horn and appears to feed the RX side without an LNB directly to a Kuhne down converter. How might that work, I thought down converters expected a lot of gain from the LNB and an already down converted signal, to some extent, done within the LNB?

I placed a photo of this nicely looking engineered device here:

It appears there's no LNB but the RX antenna is inside the POTY tube itself.

Thanks for any insight to this newbie!

Best Regards,
Chris Wilson.

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