Re: Dish Mesh information

John Fell

Hi Mike ,
The traditional view is to limit mesh perforation to under 1/10 of the wavelength in use .

I would not go for SS on weight and cost grounds - Aluminium alloy is used widely and is able to withstand the demands of WX in UK .It is also far easier to form and drill .

To make the call on self construction we need to know what you plan to do with the dish .

Profile accuracy requirements scale with rising frequency .



On Tue, 18 May 2021 at 10:44, Mike GD6ICR <gd6icr@...> wrote:
I am considering building a dish from scratch. What is there a relationship between dish mesh size and frequency and aluminium or stainless (i know its heavier but more durable) or foil covered fibreglass or even lightweight aluminium sheet. I realize also that the solid type dishes have a much higher wind loading. But the aluminium sheet is free and I can form it into 6 or more sections. I have had a look at the W1GHZ microwave pages but would like to see how UK based amateurs have constructed them as we dont have the kind of suppliers US has. Any help would be appreciated.


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