Re: lift conditions ..........


6Mtrs was good last night, worked into Estonia using only my hf doublet!!

Looking at scores though someone worked 5B4 (Cyprus) (400W and 7 ele mind) and Malta so didn't do that well after all.


Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] lift conditions ..........

SPe, just had a message about Croatia etc coming through on Band 2

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Tim Hague

On 14 May 2021, at 11:39, Gordon REASON via <gordonj.reason@...> wrote:

I monitor a very low power microphone tx on 87.5 Mhz .
During the day , the tx is off , and I often hear short burst's of signals , of foreign stations , which I put down to meteor pings , aircraft reflections , ect;
At 11:15 , today , clocktime , i began hearing signals coming in at more constant levels , and lots of radio stations together ........
I heard what I thought were dutch , swedish , italian , spanish and what sounded like russian ?
Tropo ?
and is the lift good for 10 G or higher ..............

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