Re: wtKST not talking to Airscout

Pete - GM4BYF

Thanks BrianĀ  - but it is not that. Doing some more investigation.


On 09/05/21 15:47, Brian Howie GM4DIJ wrote:
On 09/05/2021 14:18, Pete - GM4BYF via wrote:
Trying to set up on another P.C. When left clicking on the correct box for a callsign on wtKST to get the correct map up on Airscout, nothing happens. On my current laptop this is working well.

Any help gratefully received please.
Options Airplane Scatter , remember to tick Activate. Fools me when I have to refresh or re-install. The other problem I sometimes have is where the "tiles" are stored, but if airscout works "standalone" it's not that.

Brian GM4DIJ
vry 73

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