Pete - GM4BYF

I am using Unispectra S400 for connection round a rotator. No problems so far. 0.167 dB loss per metre.

On 08/05/21 21:26, Martin wrote:

Could I ask for some information on LMR 400 coaxial cable from anyone who has used it and how it turns out in practise. 
I gather from what I have read, that its good quality and fairly low loss when compared with the other 10 mm approx. diameter cables. I am looking for something for use on 23 cms and will be using half inch LDF4-50A for the main run from shack to tower base and something more flexible from there on, around say another 45 feet. I will be running an LNA at the top and close to the Yagi.
I cannot see that it is available from the main amateur radio dealers and there is one commercial supplier who will only provide it in 100 m drums.  I am happy to invest a in this quantity, (for other purposes and bands) but not until I know more about the cable itself. Does it require special N series plugs and how flexible is it etc? Its available on eBay I think but again, reading seems to suggest there is some dubious quality cable being sold which is fake?      

vry 73

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