Microwave dish size and shape versus frequency question

Chris Wilson

07/05/2021 14:20

Absolute newbie question coming...

I saw a big microwave dish advertised on Ebay and then by coincidence saw this advert mentioned on a UK Satellites forum. I am getting started in amateur radio satellite communications, initially via a 1.8 meter PF dish and the QO-100 satellite using SSB and hopefully later, ATV signals.

The up link is on 2.4 GHz and someone extolling the magnificence of the Ebay dish was shot down by someone saying it may well be no use at all for 2.4 GHz uplink., for example, and was probably made for a specific purpose.

This surprised me, I naively thought a dish was a dish, with prime or offset focus, but now thinking deeper I recall seeing very small, but seemingly deep versus diameter 10GHz dishes on tripods.

So may I ask, how is the size / shape of a microwave dish related to its intended frequency usage please? Thanks.

This is the link to the dish in question:


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