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Neil Smith G4DBN

FYI if you are in the market for a bit of 3cm QRO.

Neil G4DBN

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Date : 06/05/2021 11:32 (GMT+01:00)
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Objet : [Moon-Net] 3cm PA-blocks and parts available

Hello 3cm EME'ers,

As a left over of a group project I have the following available:
Two PA-blocks based on a CMPA801B025 GaN fet: 30 W output with 1 W drive at 30V supply voltage (Vd) at 10.368 GHz. You supply heatsink and power supply bias electronics. 600 euros each, ex shipping.
One PA-block based on TGA2623-CP GaN fet: 25 W output at little over 50 mW of drive at 10.368 GHz. Can be driven directly from a classic DB6NT transverter. Supply voltage also 30 V (Vd). You supply heatsink and power supply bias electronics. 1100 euro ex shipping.
A limited number of pcb's for the TGA2623 amplifier: Rogers 4350 substrate, ground vias, 0.79 mm thick. 20 euros each.
For the construction of these amplifiers please refer to the article by G3WDG in Dubus, 1/2015, and my talks at the EME2018 conference, The Netherlands, and the Super VHF Conference in 2019, Washington. 
The power supply bias circuit is based on the design by K5TRA with several modifications. I did not make a pcb. Will provide details.
The heatsink I use is: Fisher LA6/100, fan cooled, 24V. 

As 25-30 W output power and just a 1 m dish makes already a very capable 3cm EME station I thought to offer these amplifiers here first. Don't forget a proper sequencing circuit. 
I will measure the PA's just before shipping for confirmation.
More information and pictures available, of course. I will provide assistance as needed and practical at the construction of the PA.
Please respond private mail only: pa0hrk at yrrah dot freedom dot nl
Best 73 de

Harke, PA0HRK

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