Re: Sabotage attempt!

R Hopkins

Hi Clive

The back of your Landrover looks like my old Cavalier did when I used to go out with my ATV gear.
Everything but the kitchen sink.

I wonder if you had any contacts yesterday?

I heard Adrian on Zello talking to G3Z (I think) on Brown Clee. Don't know if they completed the
contact on 10GHz though.

It's really rough outside this evening. Blowing a gale. It's the sudden gusts that frighten me. Been
thinking of taking some of my antennas off the mast. I very rarely use them.

Still thinking of RPE. I've decided on a way to go which is old fashioned technology but more
reliable than having too many microcontrollers involved. If I feel that I'm getting anywhere I may
contact Peter and ask for the original repeater back. It should take some weight off his shoulders.
Please don't spread it about in case it ends in abject failure. I've only mentioned it to Adrian and
John API and asked them to keep it under their hats as well.

R&D can be slow.



On Mon, 03 May 2021 08:53:15 -0700, you wrote:

With the Bengal one around, things can get even more unpredicatble when trying to load up the Land Rover.

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