Re: Activity List for the UK Microwave Group Low Band Contest - Sunday 2nd May

Adrian G4UVZ

On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 11:16 AM, Dave (G1OGY) wrote:
This is the problem of moving the 3cm trophy from Sat to Sun.
Bad idea IMHO.
It wasn't broke....

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021, 17:37 Neil Smith G4DBN, <neil@...> wrote:

The tricky point for me is if I work a station on 3cm in the RSGB UHF on Saturday, and want to work them again in the 3cm Trophy on Sunday, we both have to find a way to accept the dupes, or both close down the UHF contest and open the Trophy.  Also, how do I persuade someone not taking part in the Trophy to work me a second time as a dupe in the UHF so I can get the points in the Trophy?  Ok, they don't lose any points by scrubbing the first contact, but it's awkward, especially if the station is in EU.

Nothing to stop RSGB non-members from joining in the fun of the contest and giving points away, but they can only put in a checklog.  It would be huge fun if a non-member was to put in the highest score as a checklog.

Neil G4DBN

On 29/04/2021 16:40, John Quarmby via wrote:

Hi Adrian

There are several concurrent contests this weekend:

1. RSGB UHF Contest - this is all bands 432MHz - 245GHz, 1400 Saturday to 1400 Sunday (Coordinated with other EU contests)
2. RSGB 10GHz Trophy Contest - Runs 0800 - 1400 GMT Sunday
3. UK Microwave Group Low Band Contest - 1.3GHz to 3.4GHz runs 0800 - 1400 GMT Sunday.

The activity list is for the UKuG event on 1296, 2300, 2320, and 3400MHz.


John G3XDY

On 29/04/2021 15:27, Adrian G4UVZ via wrote:
I am easily confused !  Is 10 GHz included in this cantest ? I can only see Ben mentioning 10GHz and something about a trophy on a Sunday..not sure if that is this Sunday?


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