Re: PCB fab for SHF laminates with immersion silver plating and solder resist?


Most of the RF field is between the Copper Trace and the Ground Plane.
Some Silver on top of the PCB trace will have very little effect on losses.

On 29/04/2021 12:17, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:
> I need to get some silver-plated PCBs made for high power 10 GHz SSPAs
> using CMPA0901A035 and CMPA0801B025 devices. I'll be soldering the
> PCBs into a milled copper housing.
> Does anyone have experience of PCB fabs who can do immersion silver
> finish on Rogers, Arlon, Isola and similar SHF laminates? I've had a
> quote from Eurocircuits and I've used them previously. I know there
> are some Chinese fabs that can do silver, but it is an expensive
> business and I want to be 100% sure of the quality.
> I need the boards milling with rounded corners and a pocket for the
> devices.  I'd like solder resist if that is an option, so I can do
> reflow of the passives and thermal monitor chips without them sliding
> about the place.
> Price for a 40 x 40 mm board in 30-off, with milling, silvering and
> resist on an I-Tera laminate is about £12 each for 5 day service from
> their Hungary/Germany fabs. Rogers 4350 is about £2 extra. RO4003C
> needs a special quote. Anyone know of a supplier with these
> capabilities that offers better pricing?
> Neil G4DBN

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