Re: Ebay seem to be making things difficult


On Mon, 26 Apr 2021 at 20:45, Paul G8KFW <paul@...> wrote:

Hi all 


Ebay seem to be making things difficult


A Belgian  seller tells me he has to pay 21% Belgian VAT on any think he sells


But then apparently Ebay will charge me 21 % VAT on top  making the VAT 42 %


Is Ebay running a scam after all this is for second hand items


Paul G8KFW

I can't see any logical explanation that an EU country would charge their own VAT rate (21%) on exports outside the EU. I think the seller is wrong. Had the seller said he needed to register for VAT in England, then I do believe that to be so, but he would not charge 21% VAT.

Paul Bicknell G8KFW   South Coast UK

Dave, G8WRB

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