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Martyn G3UKV

My thoughts EXACTLY. Invisible ink even better.
73 Martyn G3UKV

On 23/04/2021 10:27, Andy G4JNT wrote:
They're just stored at home
Which means any I bother to do may well will be written on the back of a used envelope in green ink

Everyone's all taking this far too seriously.

On Fri, 23 Apr 2021 at 10:23, Dave via <> wrote:
The thing that I don’t understand is what is done with the assessments. Are they stored at home  in case they are asked for or do they have to be submitted to Ofcom and updated when necessary.
Dave G4GLT. 

On 22 Apr 2021, at 14:39, SAM JEWELL via <> wrote:

That should, of course read wary. Not unwary!

Sent tomorrow from my time machine

On 22 Apr 2021, at 14:30, SAM JEWELL via <> wrote:

Being a little unwary of computer EMF models/calculators for ICNIRP, I have been doing some measurements on my 23cm EME system, using a calibrated portable spectrum analyser and an antenna with a known antenna factor. The results have been interesting and do actually bear out some of the calculated numbers.
I felt that I would be happier knowing actual W/m2 levels at points of public access near my premises, on the bands above 1GHz, rather than relying completely on calculated values in a highly complex environment, where vegetation, fences and relative access height are all factors that affect the real levels.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

On 22 Apr 2021, at 14:06, Roger Ray via <> wrote:

I suggested before a simple pir to turn off the tx, if someone is standing in front of the dish. You would not be communicating then anyway.
Seems like a good idea particularly to stop someone looking down the waveguide, while you are sorting another problem.
I am intending to do some real life measurements against icnirp levels with a Narda s3 personal monitor, especially for the bands above 10GHz. As it will be near field the calculator is not a lot of use, even if it worked above 10G.

On 22 Apr 2021, at 10:08, Dave via <> wrote:

Thanks Andy,
Great. That makes it all seem a lot easier.
Dave G4GLT. 

On 22 Apr 2021, at 09:59, Andy G4JNT <andy.g4jnt@...> wrote:

Just don't transmit with anyone standing in front of the dish - and if you feel you must, write down that that would be the case.   No need to rope off
You wouldn't have anyone standing there for 6 minutes while you're working anyway, would you.

On Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 09:52, Dave via <> wrote:

I have done my calculation for 10ghz portable using 5 watts and a 48cm dish with waveguide feed.
 I hadn’t realised just how good waveguide is as regards losses are concerned. My duty cycle is quite low.
The separation distance given at the end is 1.8 metres. I presume that the only reliable way of achieving this is to
rope off a radius of 1.8m in the favoured directions. Any comments?
Dave G4GLT


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