Re: Anglian/Iceni boxes

john nichols

Hi Alan

I would be very keen to have a box please. I was able to get a PCB from Sam.
I have not contacted you before and so if others are ahead of me in the queue then obviously they come first.

If one is available? How would you like me to pay etc?


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On 15 Apr 2021, at 8:46 pm, Alan Melia via <> wrote:

Hi all, apologies for the blatent Ad (well not really but it don't cost nuttin' to say :-)) )

I have received a number of enquires from builders who have Anglia or Iceni pcbs from Sam's ''sweepings''. I never stocked these for general sale but bought in with my other purchases just for Sam. I have now gritted my teeth for the first tussle with the new VAT import system and have a number of these boxes surplus after supplying those who made earlier queries.If you did enquire ''long ago'' and I have not already contacted you with a price, please contact me anew.

The price is £5.00 each and £3.60 postage

You know its better than a 9600 and cheaper :-))

alan (dot) melia (at) btinternet (dot) com

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