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Paul G8AQA

Oh! Just like BT with ADSL.

We should be setting an example about pollution. How can we complain to others when we are guilty of the same offence?

People around Japan are complaining about drinking quality water being released into the Pacific.  Idiots are complaining about 5G.  People don't get spectrum pollution.

Paul G8AQA

On 13/04/2021 18:24, ian hope (2E0IJH) wrote:
Yep how dare you critise or point blank refuse to accept they have a problem, even when they wiping out half the amateurs in the area, which is what happened locally when someone used one on a local high point.
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I pointed them to look at last years convention talks. I think half the problem is they don't understand and don't want to be educated.  If you try and educate them how dare you!
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Unfortunately the days of when operators understood or cared 2 hoots about phase noise , over driving linear s etc etc are long gone ....if some one has got a 9700 , IC910, FT991 etc etc they are not going to stop using it or sell it and buy a transverter and decent HF radio ....whatever that might be just cos Reg or anyone else says there signal is crap 
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