Re: Low Microwave Bands contest Sunday 11 April

Brian Howie GM4DIJ

In message <>, Phil Guttridge G3TCU <> writes
We  plan to be out this Sunday, after the long break:
Callsign: M0HNA/P
Locator: IO91RF
Bands: 1.3GHz 400W 67ele
2.3GHz 60W 0.9m dish
3.4GHz 15W 1.1m o/s dish
Talkback: ON4KST, (23cm M0HNA-1, 9&13cm M0HNA-2)
direct CQ on 23cm.
Times: Throughout the event
73, Barry G4SJH, Dave G1EHF, Phil G3TCU
I'm on from Edinburgh . The bands activated will depend on activity.
I'll start out on 13cm and swap at some point to 23cm.

Callsign: GM4DIJ
Locator: IO85IW
1.3GHz 25W 30 ele
2.3GHz 20W 50 ele
3.4GHz 2W 35cm o/s dish.

Talkback: ON4KST

Times: 1st couple of hours.

Brian GM4DIJ
Brian Howie

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