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Conrad, PA5Y

Hi Frank I use Raychem heatshrink with overlapped 3M self-amalgamating tape and finally Denso tape. I also have bright shiny connectors after a good number of years. Don't forget to wind the tape so that when it tries to unravel it tightens the connector. I am sure I'm not the only one who has seen that if you do it wrong it can unscrew the connectors. Not seen this happen for years but I have heard from other installers that it is quite common.

Denso tape is really the best thing for the job.


Conrad PA5Y

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As someone who spent his working life installing professional communications aerials can I recommend you to Denso tape, It's the absolute best. A light Hessian tape seriously impregnated with a heavy wax. Inexpensive, and available in a range of widths from your local plumber's merchants or on line

Frank GW8AWM

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I've spent part of today tidying up cables and repositioning masthead boxes on 23, 13 and 9cms. While doing this it became clear that I could make a better job of it by changing an angle N type to a straight one.

When I stripped back the glued heatshrink I discovered that it had not adhered to the cable (LDF4-50) at all, and it wasn't much better on the plug body. It wasn't an eBay cheapo buy, but it wasn't from Andrews/Commscope either.

Any recommendations for decent quality sticky heatshrink please ?


John G4ZTR

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