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Lou Blasco

Hi John,

Rather than heat shrink, I use amalgamating Butyl tape which forms an excellent weatherproof barrier that is not sticky to the touch. Even after more than 10 years out in the weather, silver RF connectors are still bright and shiny without a hint of tarnish. To remove, just cut away with a sharp blade. It might be an alternate solution to your non sticky heat shrink.




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John I use the 3M stuff I also use for work splicing cables, decent amount of glue seems to come out ends and never had a issue with it
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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Heatshrink
I've spent part of today tidying up cables and repositioning masthead boxes
on 23, 13 and 9cms. While doing this it became clear that I could make a
better job of it by changing an angle N type to a straight one.

When I stripped back the glued heatshrink I discovered that it had not
adhered to the cable (LDF4-50) at all, and it wasn't much better on the plug
body. It wasn't an eBay cheapo buy, but it wasn't from Andrews/Commscope

Any recommendations for decent quality sticky heatshrink please ?


John G4ZTR


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