Re: Where is the focal point of an LNB?


Chris, I also use a 1.8m TVRO dish for Es'Hail. I'd agree with what has been said that the focal point is not usually where cacluated. My POTY fits nicely inside a purchased LNB holder using two 22mm plumbing nuts that fit around the body of the POTY, enclosed by the cut off neck from the modified LNB. This 'minimum' engineering solution allows moving focal point in or out a fair bit to achieve maximum signal from Es'Hail (see pic). The focal point for 2.4GHz uplink is not the same as 10GHz downlink but with a dish this size for Es'Hail you really don't have to worry too much (you'll be S9+ in and be getting a decent downlink signal). With your dish you'll just need to modify the cental strut ring to allow a POTY to fit in there.


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