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Michael Scott

H Conrad,

No mention of the phase noise in Bernies article except for a comment that the signal purity was good!  He does say that some of them were subject to frequency jumps.


On 31/03/2021 12:02, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:
Hello Mike was the PN measured by anybody at the time?


Conrad PA5Y

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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] TCXO Donation
Hi All

The Chipbank has just received a donation of 25 Meiden 14.4MHz TCXOs
from Paul G8AFC, for which many thanks!

About 10 years ago these were available on e-bay from Pyrojoseph in the
USA. For the benefit of those who have joined the UKuG since then, these
oscillators were reviewed in Scatterpoint, February/March 2011 by Bernie
Wright, G4HJW, and formed the frequency source for the transmit version
of the "Bernie Box", a low power 10GHz transmitter/signal source  ( ). Although kits/PCBs are no longer
available, these TCXOs can form the basis of a signal source for many of
our bands from 144MHz up, and with a little modification, the tuning
range can be increased considerably.

I will add them to the Chipbank catalogue at the next update, but in the
meantime, please send an order form in the usual way.


Mike, G3LYP.

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