Re: SDR UNO RSP 1 Problem

Julian G1EKW

Hi, Adrian

I don't have that hardware, but for the issue you are describing, that almost certainly isn't relevant. I've just installed SDRuno on a Windows 10 box to test this, noted the registry entries created and folders/files also. going to settings/apps, I see four apps registered (I'll try to attach the screenshot - never tried that in here yet). Click the first one then uninstall. Now the list will update. Again click what is now the top of the list and uninstall. When that completes (it's fairly quick) all four apps will have disappeared. At that point I checked for rogue Registry entries but found nothing significant and no sign of leftover config/INI files.


I hope this helps. Things may not work like this if the hardware is still atached as it may prevent the drivers from being removed but as I said, I can only test the software side at the moment, so YMMV.



Julian (G1EKW)

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