Re: Source of feedthrough capacitors


Greetings to all!

There are many relatively small ones waiting to be 'recovered' from each Elcom Synth, a previously valued microwave module which now seems to have fallen out of popular use (particularly in that their sources seem to have dried up).  I suspect that there are still many of these modules still sitting on readers' shelves, just waiting for a suitable project to come along!

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--Doug Friend, VK4OE

On 28/03/2021 10:21 pm, Mike GD6ICR wrote:
Anyone know of a source of small bolt in or solder in feed through capacitors. 3-4mm diameter max as I want to externalize some control pins on two transverters I have. All the ones Ive seen on Ebay/Banggood/Farnell etc all seem to be much larger 6mm size. Any advice/source appreciated.

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