SDR UNO RSP 1 Problem

Adrian G4UVZ

I have a problem with my RSP 1 .It manifest itself when I was checking the spektrum of the new GB3KBQ beacon.

Using a 144 MHz IF, I enter 144,870 and via the tranverter see a single signal on .870, however if I then tune away from the set frequency I end up with a ' reflected image ' of the wanted signal.

Thankfully my sanity was saved by seeing GB3SCX in two places and moving in a similar fashion!

I have installed the software on a second Win 10 PC and all was fine.

So I returned to the 'shack PC' and uninstalled the program ..then re installed ..but ended up with the same issue.. Interestingly when I re installed the program 'remembered' the last frequency I

looked at ...144.870.   It would appear therefore that whilst I uninstalled ..some data was still lurking in the PC. DOes anyone have an idea how I can purge the data causing this issue?

I don't really want to re install Win 10 as I have a lot of radio related programs on the shack PC.


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