Re: OZ8AFC 8.4 GHz Feedhorn with adjustable Scalar Rings


Hi Keith

OZ8AFC (SK) produced feedhorns for 5,7GHz, 8,4GHz, 10 GHz and combi 10/24 GHz. After his untimely death OZ9ZZ and I acquired the stock of unfinished parts and started assembling/finishing feedhorns. The revenue from sales has been used for operating the OZ5SHF beacon system.

All feeds are long gone - although I guess a good part ended up on shelves.

73 Ole OZ2OE


Den 22. marts 2021 kl. 06.45.52 +01.00, skrev Keith <Keith@...>:

Is anyone familiar with the above feed please ?
Information is very limited as apparently they were made to order and frequency. 
I assume there would have been versions for 10 ghz so thought I'd ask here.
Any info appreciated and hopefully pics attached.

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