Re: New MGM Modes on Beacons

Andy G4JNT

JT4 is still in the latest (a couple of days ago) 2.4.0 RC3 version.   It had better remain, as it's in quite widespread use on microwave beacons, being one of teh few modes capable of coping with really widespread scattering such as that from rainscatter on 10 and 24GHz

When I asked Joe about it a while back, he assured me that JT4 and JT65 would be kept for this purpose.   Beacon modulations can't be changed on the whim.

On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 at 02:00, Mike Lavelle K6ML <miclevel@...> wrote:
A few comments:

...; the earlier JT4 (which has unfortunately been declared 'obsolete' and removed from the latest release candidate), JT65 and QRA64 (also removed) do/did not use gaussian shaping).

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