Re: SHF Brolly (tks F1VL)

Neil Smith G4DBN

On 14/03/2021 10:25, militaryoperator via wrote:

Apparently Neil, $1780 for 1.8 dish and 23m feed shipped to Uk. $280 is for post so $1500 for goods. 

I know there's a bit of engineering in the tensioning system, though just like a brolly, but seems a lot, £1077. 

Mind you, on another FB page someone was saying they just paid £120 for a premade Windom aerial! and that's just a bit of wire. Then there's that bit of wire in a long thin bag that you can buy for £90 odd and you stick a plastic pole up the bag center to make a verticle. 

I'm in the wrong game, hi, well not any game these days. 

I don't mind folks making a living out of selling stuff. If they can find customers willing to pay, then go for it.  We should make QSLs into Non-Fungible Tokens and start a secondary market in them. Hamcoin sounds a good plan as well.

I can see the attraction of that antenna for folks who can't operate from home or only have a tiny space, and who are working full time and don't have the facilities to make stuff. I prefer to waste my pocket-money on machine tools and testgear so I can make stuff, but I know a lot of amateurs who get huge pleasure from buying nice things and operating them.  I'm just one of those hams who doesn't actually enjoy talking to strangers on the radio, so making and testing and modifying stuff is what I like to do.

Still, if I didn't have a motorhome and trailer for /P stuff, I could see myself saving up the pennies for one of these brollies. Bit of a bugger trying to get any other 1.8m dish in a saloon car, especially one without a towbar.

I think a chunky CNC milling machine would be a MUCH better investment though.  Then I could make stuff like Tauss does - lovely milled aluminium case for an ADALM Pluto with swoopy sides

Neil G4DBN

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