Tentative group purchase of PCBs for F6BVA QO-100 3/13cm system

Neil Smith G4DBN

Our good friends in France are looking into the possibility of a group purchase of PCBs for Michel's QO-100 system, which is a receive converter for 3cm and transmit converter to 13cm from 2m/70cm/23cm, avoiding the need for an SDR and LNB on receive if you prefer to use a normal VHF radio on QO100.

I'm going to order a couple of boards for myself. Is anyone else interested?  I would be happy to facilitate the group purchase of boards, cases and components as for the 3cm-UHF transverters.

Have a read of the project description.  Note that it needs a local osc (an SV1AFN 4351/controller is fine for this) and is designed to power a PA using an MW7ic2725, for which a PCB will be produced as part of the group purchase.  I already have some MW7ic2725s for myself.  They are available on ebay and other dodgy sites. Richardson RFPD have some in stock at $53 but then there is VAT and carriage and other malarkey.

Here is the description:


Google Translate is your friend if you don't read French. Just remember that FI = IF, CI = PCB, OL = LO. If you need anything else decoding, please send me an email to neil@g4dbn.uk

Please reply to me privately to neil@g4dbn.uk with email title QO100 so I can gauge the likely demand.  Price is likely to be around £40 for the PCBs. I haven't costed component sets, but there isn't anything unusual in there. If there is any interest, I'll work out a more accurate cost and ask for firm commitments to place an order for the PCBs via Pierre-François.

Everything depends on there being sufficient demand for a PCB order, this is *very* tentative at present.

Neil G4DBN

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