Re: Dish for 10GHz.

Neil Smith G4DBN do a 40cm dish, you get an LNB with it, not sure if you can get the dish alone. Gibertini 60cm dishes from Hisat are always good. Illuminating a Sky oval 60 x 45 dish isn't quite as easy a normal offset, but they are very cheap. 40cm is going to get you around 30 dBi, a 60cm around 34 dBi. A smaller dish that you can use when it is windy is going to outperform a big one that you can't get up in the clear.

My 95cm dish is scary at 13 metres on a breezy day, but probably gets me 37 dBi.

40cm is getting close to the lower limit at 10 GHz, but diffraction losses won't be noticeable at that diameter.

Neil G4DBN

On 11/03/2021 14:48, Colin Ranson wrote:

Now that the 3cm transverters will soon be available, and many thanks to Neil for his hard work, I guess we will all have to start thinking antennas. Some of us will no doubt already be there, but I have to start thinking of options.  I intend to start small, with a 125mW amplifier/LNA/relays in a plastic box under the feed horn support arm with the transverter in the loft/shack.  And also by small I mean the dish – how rare are 40cm round offset dishes it seems ? and how much gain can I expect from a 40cm dish alone ? The ones I’ve seen are hugely expensive.  The feed is still under consideration as is a standard Zone one elliptical. I really need to keep it small as there is already a Sky dish on the building as well as a QO-100 1m dish round the other side. I am hoping it will share a bit of space under my 9cm QLY.


Thoughts appreciated please.


73’s and thanks


Colin de G8LBS.


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